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Introduction of Bubba the Box Turtle

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Introduction of Bubba the Box Turtle

Bubba is a female box turtle from Dallastown, Pennsylvania. She is 25 years young with a birthday coming this August of 2018.

Bubba's beginnings were not very pleasant to say the least (she wasn't even 6 month old and about the size of a U.S Silver Dollar). She was rescued from some children (we will call them unruly; though we would prefer a more non-pc word or phase). They were torturing her; she had holes in her shell and burns. We were unsure if the little one would survive. But, we undertook the endeavor of her rehab. It took quite awhile to get her to eat or drink (though we did force some drops of water in her mouth to keep her hydrated in the beginning). We tried so many things to get her to eat; all the typical foods a box turtle is supposed to eat. What a stubborn turtle. She would not eat any leafy greens and her fruits and melons had to be cut up into pea sized pieces; or she would not eat. But, one day we found her favorite food by accident. She actually got quite excited when I walked in with some McD's Double Cheeseburgers. So we thought why not. So we gave her half of one. She went nuts tearing at it. Now, whether they are good for her or not, she did not get sick or nothing and it made her happy. So from time to time she gets her favourite treat. But, moving on, the days turned into weeks and months, and it became apparent that due to the holes in her shell and a lack of a filler that would grow with her shell, she would not be able to be returned to the wild. So she settled in and became part of the family. I should mention that I (Neall) was there 25 years ago. But, to continue, we felt she needed a rough and tough name considering what she went through. So she was named Bubba.

Bubba has since traveled across country (in a black Mustang) from the East Coast to West Coast of America. She lived in Portland Oregon for many years, then returned to Pennsylvania a couple years ago. But, her caretaker needed to move back to Oregon for family matters and could no longer care for Bubba. So Bubba has come to live with Ron and I. We are excited to have Bubba staying with us. We placed her in our garden room that is full of plants and she is near a window so she gets lots of sunshine. We do hope she feels at home. if not she will let us know. Since she likes to bang on the glass when she wants something. Oh, one more little tidbit of info about Bubba, she can live 80 to a 100 years. Wow right...

Well, that ends Bubba's introduction. As a side, we will post some fun pictures from time to time. Until then...

Originally Published on Junction 116 (Stories from the Heart): May 5, 2018